събота, 5 юли 2008 г.

Продажба / покупка на злато


Май е по добре да купуваш злато от колкото да харчиш в казино?
Вие как мислете?

сряда, 2 юли 2008 г.

context menu dos prompt

If we want to access to a folder in DOS prompt, we normally run the cmd command and get to that folder. However, I have another way to access to it by right-clicking on folder and selecting Command Prompt in the menu. This is easy to create like creating “Copy to Folder” in context menu that I wrote long before. To see how to create “Copy to Folder”, click here. OK, let you follow the steps below.

* Open Registry Editor by running command regedit.
* Access to the path below,


* Right click on the shell folder and choose New > Key.
* Name the new key Command Prompt.
* Right click on Command Prompt and choose New > Key.
* Name it Command.
* In the right page of the Registry Editor window, double click on the Default.
* Type Cmd.exe /k cd “%1″ then click OK
* Now you obtain Command Prompt in Context Menu, try right-clicking on a folder you want to get in.

Key words for uncle Google: context menu dos prompt
Source article: http://www.computerfreetricks.com/2007/11/26/create-command-prompt-in-context-or-popup-menu/

неделя, 29 юни 2008 г.

World Press Photo, Winners gallery 2008

Фонд World Press Photo существует с 1955 года под покровительством принца Королевства Нидерланды и является уникальной площадкой для независимой фотожурналистики и свободного обмена информацией...


Person of the Year 2007, VVP!

TIME's Person of the Year is not and never has been an honor. It is not an endorsement. It is not a popularity contest. At its best, it is a clear-eyed recognition of the world as it is and of the most powerful individuals and forces shaping that world—for better or for worse. It is ultimately about leadership—bold, earth-changing leadership. Putin is not a boy scout. He is not a democrat in any way that the West would define it. He is not a paragon of free speech. He stands, above all, for stability—stability before freedom, stability before choice, stability in a country that has hardly seen it for a hundred years. Whether he becomes more like the man for whom his grandfather prepared blinis—who himself was twice TIME's Person of the Year—or like Peter the Great, the historical figure he most admires; whether he proves to be a reformer or an autocrat who takes Russia back to an era of repression—this we will know only over the next decade. At significant cost to the principles and ideas that free nations prize, he has performed an extraordinary feat of leadership in imposing stability on a nation that has rarely known it and brought Russia back to the table of world power. For that reason, Vladimir Putin is TIME's 2007 Person of the Year.